Sunday, November 29, 2009

H1N1 and Followers

It really wasn't the swine flu but I did have a virus on my PC (personal AND work...damn gossip sites and their crappy malwarespywarevirusestrojans). Anyway, I was unable to post, write, comment, view....I couldn't do shit.

So the security guard at my job helped me get rid of the virus for $20 (good looking because a sistah was/is B.R.O.K.E.) and installed a bunch of free antivirus stuff on my PC for me (because I am PC dumb as hell when it comes down to certain things).

Now I'm back and a lot of stories about MIB that I had already started and a few more that I have going through my head.

AND I see that I got some followers!! YEAH! I just want to say hey to all of y'all, thanks for putting a sistah on your list and I will be updating my posts and commenting to yours over the week.

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