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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Desire Harris - Please help her family find her

YCM family, there is another missing child in Milwaukee, WI.

Eleven year old Desire Harris was last seen on Thursday, January 27th outside of her elementary school Lancaster Elementary.  She left the school on Thursday with a friend of hers and then they left each other on 42nd and Mill Road on Milwaukee's north side.  Family members are extremely worried about Desire because she looks significantly older than her 11 years. If you have any information about Desire please contact Milwaukee Police department at 414-935-7405.

Desire is an African American girl, is 5ft 6in, and weights 155 pounds.  She was last seen wearing a black jacket and light blue jeans.  It is possible that she may be traveling to the Chicago area.  But she may still be in the Metro Milwaukee area.  Once again, please contact the Milwaukee Police Department at 414-935-7405.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

Tiana Hill Update: She's OK ok as she will be for now. 

Tiana Hill posted on her Facebook page that she was ok and no harm was brought to her. 

I want to thank all of my Twitter, Very Smart Brothas, and Facebook folks, and everyone else who helped get the word out about Tiana.  And I hope that, despite this looking like a runaway situation (LOOKS like, nothing is 100% until she is physically home with her family), this makes us take a look at how we operate in life and how we deal with our children.  How we look after, raise, and monitor our children. 

Tiana, I hope you come home to your family...

New Life Solutions - Diet

Feeling good...

Saturday, January 22, 2011


I guess I'm in a posting mood tonight. 

Friday morning I was at work and my mother called me at about 9.  She told me that she had some bad news.
"What? What's wrong?"
I'm thinking it's something wrong with MIB.
"The found Deidre dead."
"Wait wha?  What do you mean they found her dead?  No momma no." Tears start welling up.
"Yeah they found her this morning.  I talked to your uncle and he said that they brought him out in handcuffs with his wrist slit.  I guess he was trying to kill himself and then they brought her out in a body bag."
"Momma no..." I'm really crying now.
"Are you going to be OK?" I hope to get this kind of calm during tragedy.
"Um yeah I'm gonna come home soon."

I got up and told my boss that I was going to go home and what had happened to Deidre.  She said that I should leave now but I told her that I couldn't because my hands were shaking too much and I just wasn't in any shape to be driving.  I went to the ladies room and sat down and the couch and I started having an asthma attack.  The below zero weather with the shock of the news triggered one on.  I got up and went to the nurses' office and they helped me calm down.

While they were trying to console me, I was telling them about what I knew so far.  And then I started to tell them that it shouldn't have been her.

"Not Deidre.  She never messed with anybody.  She's a bit older than me and I didn't know her like I knew cousins my age but she was always cool.  She loved MIB.  She didn't deserve this.  No one deserves to die, but when something like this happens to someone else you can almost understand. It's not right but you can see how it happened. But Deidre? DEIDRE?!  No not her.  Not her."  I'm really ugly crying now.

We're still waiting on details about her death.  At first we thought that she was stabbed to death but now we're hearing she was beaten to death and stories and rumors are going all around and no one knows for sure what happened's fucking hard. 

I miss Deidre.  She was good to come over, drink, talk shit, love...she was family.  I wish I knew her better than what I did.  I wish I had spent more time with her than what I did.  I'm glad MIB was able to meet her.  Deidre was one of the good ones. 

She didn't deserve this.  God my soul hurts for her and her family.  One day here, next day not.  Just...damn Deidre.

RIP Deidre Ann Kelly

We love you and we miss you.  One of the good ones.

New Life Solutions

A few weeks ago I talked about axing New Year's Resolutions because (for me and probably for most of y'all) they didn't stick.  So I created New Life Solutions because this is something that is constantly changing with one's life.  I gave some brief information about each of the more important things I are constantly changing in my life and that also need daily not once a year attention. 
For five days next week, I will get a lot more specific in how I plan on executing these New Life Solutions as well as preview/review the tools I will be using to help me make and continue said changes. 

I hope you stop by, share what you are doing, and are inspired. 


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tiana Hill - Please help her family find her.

Hey YCMs.  My friend's niece, Tiana Hill, went missing on January 18th.  She's 15 years old and attends Washington High School in Milwaukee, WI.  She went to school and made it to all of her classes but never came home.  The first 48 hours are the most crucial in a missing persons case.  Please help Tiana's family find her. 
This is information from Tiana's family about what she was last see wearing:

My niece has been missing since Tuesday, Jan 18. Her name is Tiana Hill. She goes to Washington H.S in Milwaukee and she's a sophomore. She wears glasses.

Height: 5'2-5'3
Weight: 140lbs-150lbs
Hair color: black
Eyes: brown
Piercing: on the left side above her upper lip
Last seen wearing: Dark brown boots, dark blue jeans, brown polo shirt w/ black & red checker board vest & black coat.

If you have any information, please contact the Milwaukee Police Department, District #7 at 414-935-7272.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Savings

I'm sure many of  y'all watched "Extreme Couponing" on TLC a few weeks ago (I think it's still in heavy rotation) and were amazed (just like me) by the savings and borderline mental illness shown in the show.  Well on my Sunday Savings, I want to describe to you how I did my own version of "extreme couponing" while not becoming a candidate for a mandatory 72.

I'm a hustler...

This is what I need.

I'm broke.  Yep, I'm flat out broke; just like a majority of folks in the U.S.  I got bills that are past due, I have to pay for gas that I can't afford, and I have a household to maintain on my tiny budget.  I have been looking for jobs and it's hard out there (especially since I am in between professions right now).  So, in order to seriously supplement my income, I had to get a side hustle.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lessons "The Game" taught me

Just like damn near every other Black person in the US (and parts of the Caribbean and some European locations once it was uploaded online) I watched "The Game" on BET Tuesday night.  The hype (despite my lack of interest in it after it was cancelled the first time) made me want to watch the season premiere.  Hell I NEEDED to watch the season premiere.  Girl Melanie? Derwin? Janae? DJ?!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mommy Monday

To tell the truth, I almost didn't post anything today.  Especially after yesterday's rant regarding SD and his text messages to me Sunday morning.  But instead of not posting and being irritated, I decided to learn from that and make it into a Mommy Monday.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sperm Donor...This Blog's for you!

So this morning I got a text from SD telling me and my mom to stop slandering his name.  Hmm..that's funny because I don't know anyone who knows you.  But, if I AM saying something to someone that knows you then maybe I'm telling the truth.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


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