Thursday, January 6, 2011

There is no such word as "can't"

People usually say "from the mouths of babes."  I am now a believer in the newly coined phrase "from the actions of babes."

Yesterday...well really for a few weeks now, I have been in a funk about my life and where it has taken me.  I have been depressed because my nonprofit work isn't where I wanted it to be at this time, I'm still working at a dead end job, the one job interview that I had yesterday isn't going to be, and the list goes on and on.  I was sitting around, feeling sorry for myself because shit wasn't happening the way I wanted it to.  I even called into work today because I was so depressed that I couldn't force myself out of the bed to get ready for work. 

I was so depressed and so set on staying in the bed and in a funk today that I actually considered not taking MIB to her physical therapy appointment (and was going to do it until I found out the actual time of her appointment).   But I got up, got her dressed, threw something on, and took her to Children's Hospital. 

During her physical therapy, MIB's two and a half year old self worked it OUT.  She had a Spica cast on for almost three months, just had it removed a little over a month ago, and has only been walking again (without assistance) for two and a half weeks.  The exercises and therapy that she did not only amazed the therapists but myself as well. 

She squatted, walked, climbed stairs, balanced herself (which is really difficult for her because she has no muscle tone),  jumped on trampolines, climbed the ladder on the slide...she just did everything.  And every time the therapist thought that she wouldn't be able to she did it.  Did it twice.  Did it thrice. 

And while watching her do these things I realized that she doesn't understand the concept of the word "can't."  MIB doesn't understand limitations, obstacles, or roadblocks.  She does understand that she can do whatever she wants to and allows nothing to stop her.  As adults, we understand can't, roadblocks, obstacles, limitations, and the like and we allow those things to keep us from doing what we want and need to be doing.

Not only do we see what keeps us from doing what we want to do, we use it as an excuse.  Adults use excuses all the time to not do things and it's pretty sad that we have "more common sense and book sense" than babies and they are a thousand times smarter than we are because they don't let shit like that get in their way.  They don't allow it to stop them: they see it, acknowledge it, and figure out a way to bypass that mess instead of allowing it to hinder their plans. 

I'm glad that I'm going to MIB's physical therapy because she is showing me how the word can't doesn't exist in her life.  That child is always teaching me something.  I love it.

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