Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year...Now what?

Happy 2011! 

Every year we make a big deal about New Year resolutions and I know that I'm notorious for making them as well.  So last month I had my list ready and was on Twitter and someone said something that made me change my mind.  This Twitterer said: if you weren't doing it in 2010, what will make me think you are going to do something different in 2011? 

OK so I think that was more than 140 characters, but the point that person made resonated highly with me.  Why will one day automatically eliminate all of the messed up stuff I did the year before and why will that one day make the new year somehow "better?" 

It won't.  And that's why I refuse to believe in New Year Resolutions anymore.  I am officially coining: New Life Solutions.  New Life Solutions will be reflective and fluid, with no set dates to make changes.  New Life Solutions can be brought to life at anytime and shut down whenever it needs to be.  And with that, here are my New Life Solutions (NLSs):

1 - Diet - I am #TeamChunk all day.  But I know that I need to be in #TeamHealthy simply because MIB needs me for a long time and I want to see her have babies one day.  So I'm going to holla at Weight Watches online (cue JHud) and get it going.  Soon I'll have to get a personal trainer (you know the free one at the Y that comes with you membership?) and handle it.  This is a perfect example of NLSs because at my age (almost 35) there is no way that what I do now will work for me five years from now.  Ongoing change will make me master this game.

2 - Housework -  Yep, I said it.  And with a 2 1/2 year old I am constantly cleaning: living room, laundry, her room, my room, the bathroom, the kitchen.  And I hate washing dishes more than anything else in the world.  So I need to figure out a schedule to keep things together, in order, functional, and livable.  I'm not quite sure how that's going to happen, but I'll get it together soon.  And I know that once MIB is tall enough to reach the sink: no more washing dishes! (say that in Mommy Dearest voice and then throw a bottle of Dawn dish washing liquid to the floor)

3 - Employment - So...I hate my job.  Everyone says this right?  But, I am fortunate enough to have a job and health insurance (I'm look at y'all GOP) and it's slim pickings out there.  I am however ready to get my grown woman on and be my own boss.  I'm in the process of starting a non profit and it is hard as all get out.  This is a legacy that I want to leave MIB (if she's interested in doing it when she's of age) and it's going to take all that I have to make it happen.  Definitely ongoing because I'll have to find a way to balance parenting with work with social life (which is non-existent right now and is the perfect segue for...)

4 - Social life - (I know you like how I did that right there)  I don't have one.  Haven't had one for two and a half years (I'm lying...I'm just using MIB as an excuse for me not getting out there and settling for SD. I'm trifling I know).  I have been nervous about finding someone else to deal with simply because of MIB.  Not that she'd be a hindrance to me finding someone but I do worry and am cautious about who I bring around her.  How to catch a predator is REAL.  Perverts are REAL.  Child molesters and abusers are REAL.  And I am a REAL YCM and will cut one if they put their hands on MIB.  Since the boogie man is real, I have to be real careful about who I bring around her.  But, I am ready to get started on putting myself back out there.  This is another great example of NLS because as I get older, I start to discover more about myself, who and what I want in a man, and what I will and won't put up with.  It's an ongoing process. 

5 - Finances - My platform for NLS is going to be: "The rent is too damn high because my paycheck is too damn low."  Even though I don't have my dream job and I'm not getting paid enough to do ANYTHING, it doesn't mean that I can't save money to protect my financial future.  This will include couponing, eliminating eating out, figuring out how to cut down on utilities, and possibly even getting a more gas conscious vehicle.  Some of these things I am able to do immediately, but others will take a while to build up in order to show any improvement/gains.  Twenty-five bucks a week in a savings account, shopping only on double coupon days, turning off the lights when I'm no longer in the room, finally getting MIB potty trained (Yes Lord)...I think I can make it work.

That's all I've got so far.  As I live my life, items will drop off and others will hop on.  What are your New Life Solutions and how will you execute them?


  1. TOTALLY AGREE. I hate, hate, hate peoples elaborate New Years Resolutions. It shouldn't take a New Year to want to better yourself and your life. Its a crock, but it makes people feel really good with a renewed spirit. Yah, yah. But at the end of the day, if they are going to make a change than thats better than no change right?
    I am on a fitness journey and want to be #TeamHealthy very soon! My goal is to lose 30lbs by June when I head 2 Canada for a friends wedding. I started this BEFORE the New Year and I"m really trying to eat healthy and workout everyday. You gotta start somewhere. Good luck w/ Weight Watchers!!

  2. Mommy Glow,

    Hey! I agree about New Years. It's all about making money on the weak and depressed. They don't care about long term goals, just something quick fast and easy that can make them lots of money. Shame on them.

    But congrats on getting started! I know that you can do it and I hope that I can too. I need to make sure taht I'm around for MIB for years to come. I got a lot more than 30 to get rid of but pound at a time right!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. YAY to journaling. I'm almost caught up. I didn't read The Game post because I haven't seen this year's episodes yet.



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