Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm a hustler...

This is what I need.

I'm broke.  Yep, I'm flat out broke; just like a majority of folks in the U.S.  I got bills that are past due, I have to pay for gas that I can't afford, and I have a household to maintain on my tiny budget.  I have been looking for jobs and it's hard out there (especially since I am in between professions right now).  So, in order to seriously supplement my income, I had to get a side hustle.
Part of my NLS plan is to fix my financial situation.  Or at least start on getting it comfortable.  So that means not only do I have to spend less and save more; I also have to make more.  And my current employer ain't making that happen so I have to make it happen.  Getting a side hustle was the only feasible thing to do.

And I was a little apprehensive about doing so.  I had started to do taxes during the season, but the time I had to devote to that was a bit too much. I was spending even less time with MIB and I wasn't able to concentrate on my personal project (that will hopefully eliminate the need for a side hustle) like I wanted to.  So that idea was 86'ed real quick.  But I still need extra money. 

So after taking care of a bill for my mom, I was on my way home, see an Avon store, and I go in with the intentions of getting some bath paint for MIB.  But five minutes later I'm sitting down at a table filling out paperwork to become a salesperson for Avon.  $10.  My driver's license. A few other small pieces of information and I'm a rep.  And then I got to feeling nervous about it.

Why?  Well, while I was talking to the ladies and filling out my forms, I was thinking about how I would be able to Tweet and Facebook my side hustle in order to promote it.  Then I thought: what if I'm ignored?  And I don't make any money?  I mean what's the point of having a side hustle, using the internet to promote it, and then not make any money off of it?  Then I got embarrassed.

Embarrassed because I have to take on a side hustle.  Embarrassed because my friends and family will see that I have to do the hustle.  Embarrassed because I'm not selling my own brand of things (like folks on my Twitter line do).  Embarrassed to not have any responses to what I sell based on what effort I put into promoting it. 

Then I got real.  I realized that I'm not the only broke individual on my Facebook page or in my Twitter timeline.  I'm not the only one with a side hustle (self branded or not).  I'm not the only one selling Avon.  But I AM the only one responsible for MIB and whatever it is that I have to do in order to take care of her and her needs, I will.  I want to be able to send her to college and I shouldn't be embarrassed by making that happen by any means necessary. 

If folks buy they buy, if they don't they don't. But I know that I'll be able to go to sleep at night knowing that I did and am doing everything that I can in order to take care of MIB. 

By the way: buy.


  1. Love it. You are doing what you have to do for MIB. You are the only one responsible. And look at you now. You go girl! And if I ever get any money (I'm in the same boat you are) I'm buying my Avon from YOU!

    MIB would be proud of you, and WILL be proud of you in the future when she sees what you did to give both of you the life you deserve.

  2. Clopann,
    Yaaaaaaaaaaas! LOL thank you so much (I am in the process of reading your latest right now).

    As much as we would like to just give it all up and go out, be irresponsible, or whatever we can't and I think more importantly we DON'T WANT TO. Well at least those of us who are real parents (because there are some folks out there who just aren't cut out for children). I want my child to be proud of me and even more than that, I want to be proud fo me and what I do for her and us.

    Thanks for stopping by (and it's free shipping w/a purchase of $30 or more lmao)!




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