Monday, January 24, 2011

New Life Solutions - Diet

Feeling good...

...well I want to be anyway.  To start off my week of New Life Solutions (NLSs), I am going to talk about diet.  I am not talking about lemonade cayenne pepper juice or the cabbage soup diet.  I am talking about seriously learning how to eat, what to eat, and how to stay not only thinner but healthier. 

I am part of #TeamChunk.  And I love food.  And in some cases that is not a good combination.  I need to learn how to properly balance food, exercise, and good nutrition.  This is something that I am going to have to do for the rest of my life because it is so easy (for me at least) to backslide. 

I've had several instance where I was on track with healthy eating, healthy weight loss, and consistent exercise.  But like so many of us, I turned around and gained it all back and just said to working out "EFF YO COUCH!"  And of course I was unhappy during the lazy times of my life.  Then after I had MIB, I was sick and lost 50 or 60 pounds (not much of that was pregnancy weight because I only gained 15 pounds while I was pregnant) and I felt better.  But, instead of using that as a stepping stone to a healthier life, I put my muddy ass Rick James stacks and started stomping on a healthy lifestyle's white leather couch.

I am hoping that with my new belief in NLSs will help me stay on track and not beat myself up if I do fall off track.  And that is one of the reason why I am joining Weight Watchers online.

I had started to join Weight Watchers before and just didn't.  This was before the online version was available and inexpensive and the idea of sitting with a whole bunch of #TeamChunk folks expressing our addiction to Entenmann's Louisiana Crunch Cake with icy chocolate milk (don't judge me) didn't appeal to me.  Plus, I'm a team player but I'm really not.  So when Weight Watchers had their advertisement for free sign up for the beginning of the year, it took me a while to sign up for it but I eventually got my credit card out and handled business. 

After looking through it (and taking advantage of their 7 day trial) I realized that Weight Watchers is the right choice for me, especially their online version for several reasons.  The first being I don't have to go to weigh ins and meetings and whatnot.  I can holla at my scale at home or work, put the data in on my scheduled online weigh in (that I choose), and be done with it.  If I have questions, I can email someone (and I believe that there is a chat room or message board) and get my responses immediately without having to wait for someone else cry about how they ate a pint of ice cream in one sitting.

Another feature of Weight Watchers that I like is the build a recipe option.  If you don't want to go shopping (or can't afford to go shopping at the moment) you can take a list of what you have in your fridge/cabinet, put them into the recipe builder, and it gives you a recipe and the points value of the recipe.  For someone like me who has problems with creating a healthy menu that satisfies three extremely different palates in the same household, a recipe builder is a necessity.  And it doesn't hurt that there are other recipes on the site that can be accessed by meal type, course, meat, veggie, and even more.

And since I'm going to be all gung-ho on the Weight Watchers plan, I need to stop eating fast food.  I try to convince myself that I can find some items at McDonald's or Burger King that are halfway decent.  A veggie burger or a salad isn't as bad as a Big Mac or a Whopper Jr. with cheese minus the onions.  It's OK because there are veggies in a veggie burger and on a salad.  See? Healthy! HEALTHY DAMN IT!

Yeah I'm just fooling my damn self.  Those things aren't healthy.  They are disguised as healthy.  And then they lead you into trying to get something else.  Oh I can go to Wendy's and get a half salad with a small frosty for five bucks.  Or I can get a diet Coke (WHAT is the point of this?) with a Big Mac super sized value meal.  No...nuh unh.  I'm just gonna walk away from the fast food joints and walk into the grocery store and holla at the produce department. 

Exercise is next.  I am going to be straight up with y'all and say that I am going to start off simple and work my way up.  I ain't doing PX90 or whatever next week.  Thirty minutes on the treadmill, increasing speed/time/incline as I go.  Slowly I will start to incorporate a variety of cardiovascular exercises and maybe weight lifting (for tone, not muscle) as I go along, but I am not going to put a whole lot on myself that will cause me to fail (because I was doing to much).  And I need to rejoin the Y and holla at their on site trainer when I do decide to get into weights and whatnot.  It's more within my budget.

And lastly and more importantly: I am not going to beat myself up for falling off track.  It's pointless and will have me quitting and throwing away all of the progress I made.  I have a child to be healthy for and to model healthy image for.  Negativity and disappointment can only help create negative self images and possible eating disorders for me and MIB and that is something that I cannot have.

YCMs - How are you going to use NLSs to make changes in your diet?


  1. Hey VZ...
    Yes I am serious about it. I had a financial hiccup this weekend and I am going to take care of my online stuff this weekend but I'm dead serious about handling it day by day. I am going to have to be responsible to you and vice versa. You wait till I get my damn droid lmao


  2. Im on this journey too... this battle rather lol...I need to lose 30 before I hit the big 30!! Im adding workout at home... I always felt more motivated going to the gym...breaking that habit this year!


  3. Hey Ro,

    Girl I got more than 30 to loose LMAO. And the gym is the hard part for me because my time is shot to all hell and I barely have time to sleep most days. But I do have on demand and really need to start taking advantage of that. Hmmm...

    And good luck on the 30 before 30...I'm trying for 35 before 35 lol.




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