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I am a single parent living in an urban, Northern world while raising my child according to the Southern small town roots I was raised with and born into.  Giving MIB (My Intelligent Beauty) all of the opportunities of a forward moving, world focused environment while balancing out her life with the slower, take your time and smell the roses pace is what I want in our lives. 

MIB is four years old and an only child (and it's going to stay that way!) with an imagination that has no end.  She's the reason why I do any and everything in life and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Her father isn't in her life and I'm the only parent she knows; but I am just her MOTHER, not her father.  There is no way for me to replace a father in her life, so I make sure that she gets a lot of positive male influences from cousins, uncles, and friends. 

I am also the care taker of my 62 year old mother, who lives with us, and she has no filter lol.  But her Southern based, old school honesty keeps me grounded and teaches me a lot of things that I pass on to MIB.  She also helps me raise MIB and despite her free flowing mouth, she's the best mentor a child could have. 

This blog is all about our lives and everything that occurs on a day to day basis.  Also, I like to inform local YCMs and YCFs (Your Child's Father) about events that are going on in Southeastern Wisconsin that are family and child oriented.  Product reviews, recalls, recipes, and single parent tips round out this blog's format. 

If you have any questions for me, want to pen a guest post on the site, would like for me to do a post or article for your site, or are a business or non-profit promoting an event: you can get in touch with me here.

Hope you come back soon!


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