Friday, January 11, 2013

Family Friday - Getting some rest

Yes...getting some rest.  That is going to be our activity for today. 
We have had such a busy week: MIB started all-day camp at her school (she's half day K4 and I drop her off at her school in the morning and pick her up after work at 6), I've been back to a full week of work, and I started working out.  

All of this waking up early and staying out late and being up even later is something else.  So after I picked up MIB, we got dinner, ate, and got ready for bed.  It's 10 pm right now and I haven't been to bed this early in about three or four months.  

Seriously...I'm tired lol.

It might sound bad but if I want to be able to function properly, I need some rest.  I need to be able to go to bed at a decent time, get a FULL eight hours of sleep (even if it's only for two nights), and just wake up whenever (only one day for that because if I wake up at anytime on Sunday, it's a wrap for Monday). 

Simply put: we are getting some rest tonight.  MIB is already sleep and I am about to close my laptop and get to bed myself. 

Hope you all had a great Family Friday and please share what you did!

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