Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weight Watchers Wednesday - ActiveLink

ActiveLink Assessment
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ActiveLink...Get about that life. 
I've been gone for a while trying to get my mind and body right.  But I will have to say that Weight Watchers ActiveLink has helped me get my weight loss mind right. 

I had a weigh in last week and in a week I lost 5.6 lbs.  Do you read me? Five.point.six.pounds.  In a week. 

One week.

I'm fly. 


Seriously though, I really paid attention to the Weight Watchers program, got all of my healthy checks, tracked all of my points, and even exercised.  I've been hitting the treadmill and the bike a few days a week and am going to start doing it everyday (starting today...I've already done some treadmill and elliptical machine work).

Outside of eating right and learning true portion sizes, Weight Watchers also promotes and encourages activity.  When you log in points, you log in activity points as well.  I've been logging in walking, shoveling, dancing with MIB, anything that involves me moving.  Once I picked up the ActiveLink, oh it's been making my life so much better lol. 

Once you've gone through the assessment stage (which is 8 long days lol), the ActiveLink starts to automatically track all of your the minute.  You can go grocery shopping; tracks it.  Cleaning up your house; tracks it.  Dancing in the car (yes I dance in the car to a lot of dancehall lol); tracks it.  ActiveLink makes every movement count and you don't have to figure out how many points that is or what level this is.  It even lets you know the level you're at during each activity.

Not only does ActiveLink hip you to your level and amount of activity you do during the day, it makes you want to do MORE activity during the day.  There is a certain level based on your weight and whatnot that you have to do everyday.  ActiveLink doesn't give you points until you've gone BEYOND the points you're supposed to get for the day.  

Say for example you need to get 4 activity points per day.  You get 2 based on Active Link.  You worked for the whole 6 but the ActiveLink will only log in the 2 because this is what determines weight loss.  And weight loss is good.  So is Weight Watchers.  And ActiveLink.  

I have to tell you that ActiveLink has been my house's savior because I've been cleaning like a mad woman...I don't think my house has been this clean.  So now I have a super clean house and 4 extra activity points. 

If you are on Weight Watchers online, GET the ActiveLink.  It's $39.95, has a year warranty, and costs an extra $5.00 a month (it's added onto your monthly bill so I think it totals $23.95 a month).  But it is SO worth it if you are like me and was lazy about working out and needed motivation.   


  1. way to go! my BFF did Weight Watchers and she swears by it. keep it up!

    p.s. welcome back

  2. WOW!!!! That is awesome!! I've been on WW before and it is the only eating plan that has ever worked for me. I reealllly need to get back on it. YOU are an inspiration...



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