Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weight Watchers Wednesdays

Welcome to the first installment (of MANY lol) of Weight Watchers Wednesdays

I'll keep these short and sweet simply because there is so much information about Weight Watchers and losing weight that I know and am learning that it would be so overwhelming if I just wrote and wrote and wrote.

So I'll give tips, recipes, advice...a whole mess of info every week about my journey and what you can do as well while you are on yours.

Since I'm starting again (for the umpteenth time lol) I had to learn a lot of new things: portion control, picking better options, eating and discovering more veggies and fruit.  But the one thing that I really needed to learn is patience.

I am impatient to a fault.  I want my weight down and I wanted it down yesterday...real talk.  I want to be able to run a mile in eight minutes.  I want to be able to wear some hot pants (#operationbootyshorts2014 lol).

But I can't.

I have to tell myself everyday...and I mean EVERYDAMNDAY...that it's not going to happen right away.  I'm not going to be whatever size (which I'm not sure of right's just going to be a healthy size) I want to be tomorrow...and that is fine.

And this advice to you (and myself) is simple and standard: it didn't take me two days to gain the weight and it's not going to take me two days to lose it all.  So patience has to be had.  It is a virtue after all.

YCM/YCFs: how are you handling patience in your weight loss journey?

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  1. The fact that you continue to try is success in and of itself and like my dad always said, it didn't come on over night, it's not coming off over night, sadly, he is correct. I too wish there was a pill I could take that would let me wake up a few, okay, a lot of sizes smaller but as you know, a complete and total life style change is in order. I am here cheering you on girl and keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep making the changes in my own life to succeed as well.

  2. Hey Mimi...thank you! And daddy was takes a minute to take it off.

    If there was a pill for that, I'd be looking for a pill to cure cancer, AIDS, and all other ailments we need to find cures for.

    You will make the changes...just like I am one day at a time! :)




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