Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year

Hey all, I am so sorry that I have been MIA for a few weeks... You know how it goes sometimes life interrupted.
I have gotten a lot of different and interesting news in the past couple of weeks. I found out that my mother has to have back surgery later on this year and that is a little depressing because I am trying to figure out how how to juggle work, taking care of MIB, my household, the blog, and just life in general. She probably won't have the surgery for 3 or 4 months but I know that rehabilitation will be even longer than that and trying to figure out how to handle that is going to be very difficult.

I did, however, get some good news about MIB. She doesn't have to have surgery, at least major surgery, anytime soon. That is really great because her having surgery just breaks me down entirely too much and it's very difficult time for me when that happens. Now she might have to have surgery to replace 1 of the screws in her knee , but the recovery time for that is only about a week and I can actually handle that ( only a little bit though lol).

So with all of this news, I have been neglecting the blog. Life and maintain the blog have not been cooperating with each other very well, so I had to pay less attention to 1 and it ended up being the blog.
However, I have been making plans for the blog in the future so I need you to turn in for the following:

- Giveaways: I've been wanting to do them but didn't know what to give away, how to get with businesses to get products to give away and so on. So since I am starting some new things in my life that are worthy of being given away, I have decided to use them for my giveaways. Start looking for that to start on the 15th of this month.

- I am on Weight Watchers right now and I am really into Weight Watchers right now. I did promise a couple of months ago that I will be doing Weight Watchers Wednesdays, and I have done nothing lol, but I am going to start posting more recipes, pictures, and tips for weight loss. So start looking for that actually on Wednesday!
- I am also going to start a newsletter, probably next month. I am still getting all of the particulars together for the newsletter, but it is in the future and I will say that before the end of the first quarter it will be released and ready to go.
-I also decided to do guest posts, bloggers of the month, and a couple of other things that crossed my mind while I was on blogging hiatus. I am going to try to do the guest post this month... But more than likely that will start next month. I am however going to start the blogger of the month this month for sure. I have been promoted by some bloggers, not a lot but I have had a few here in there and I come across so many great blog doing research and just finding something to read while I'm at work that I want to help promote them as well. And hopefully I can get some of them to write a post for my blog just to give my readers a different point of view and different voice.

So hopefully you will enjoy my new additions to the blog. I really do love blogging, writing, and hopefully helping others who read my blog. So please stay tuned for the new things that are coming up and I'll see you all soon!

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