Monday, April 19, 2010

This really needs to stop happening...

OK...I have been on hiatus for a HOT MINUTE...and I apologize.

We have been sick in the YCM household and I mean SICK. Anyone who caught whatever that nasty bug that was floating around back in late February/early March knows exactly what I am talking about.

MIB got sick first, then passed it to me, then my mother got it, then MIB got better, then I got better, mom stayed slightly sick but not as well as me and MIB, then MIB got it again (a week later), I got it again (a week later) and it lasted about three weeks for the both of us, then mom got it again (a couple of weeks after we got it) and hers lasted for about three weeks. So in total, the YCM household was sick for almost two months in a row. And it was noooooooot pretty.
Anyway, a lot has gone down since my last post two long months ago and I am working on new posts for that as we speak. Also, I haven't responded to some of the comments so I will be working on those as well. My PC at home (damn I want an Apple) is acting up for no reason so I have to get that figured out but I will try to post from home as often as I can; if not y'all will have to wait till I get to work in order to read a fab post lol.

Thanks for the comments, the visits, and the patience. Send some more folks over here! Plus, I want to open up the post if you have any suggestions, leave them in my comment box.

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