Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bread and Bars

One day I will understand why folks do stupid stuff...

SD came over a few times after his last visit to see MIB and I was quite surpised and I guess happy. (I really shouldn't be excited for someone because they are doing what they are supposed to be doing but it is what it is).  He visited with her, played with her, ran around with her...just spent time with her in general.  She enjoyed his visits and I was cool with it...I hoped he would do it more often.

A few weeks later he came back over to visit her around 7 pm.  She was sleeping (she had a long day and needed an early nap) and told him that he could come over tomorrow to see her if he wanted to.  He said that he would and then gave me $50. 

*sidenote: I haven't gotten ANYTHING from this man: child support or out of his pocket.  This gesture of his completely shocked the hell out of me. /sidenote*

I asked him: "Um, what is this for."

SD: "You know for you to get her whatever she needs."

My mom called me for something and I went to see what she needed while still holding onto the bill.  While I was doing what I needed to for my mother, I started to think about the things that she needed.  She had baby wipes, PullUps, plenty of clothes and shoes, and food and milk in the fridge.  When I came back he asked me: "So what are you going to get her with the money?"

I looked at him and told him "Well, she already has everything that she needs and then some.  So I'll just put the money in a savings account for her so she can have some money for college; if she decides to go."  Of course he had nothing to say about that but did mention his birthday was coming up that weekend and that he was going to Florida to celebrate. 

But, it seems like the universe did not agree with his plans to go out of town to celebrate his 33rd.  One night I got a call on my cell phone from an unfamiliar area code.  I initially missed the call and tried to call the number back but got a busy signal.  So the next morning I called the number back and was told to call another 800 number to get any additional information.  I called the number, asked the lady what type of company it was and she said that they helped people put credit on their phones for collect calls from jail. 

After I told her that I wouldn't be adding anything to my phone, I did a reverse look up on the phone number.  Fond du Lac, WI.  Then I took a look at Wisconsin Circuit Court Access to see if SD was arrested in the last couple of days.  Lo and behold he was, just two days before his birthday bash in Florida.  He's been locked up for the last four weeks and of course one of the first people he decides to call is me. 

Why he feels like I have time to answer his calls to hear jailhouse musings is beyond me.  Why he thinks I am going to take a collect call from him (or anyone from jail...) is beyond me.  I am sure that he is going crazy behind bars, but I guess that's what he's used to because if he wasn't he wouldn't have done what he did to be there. 

After his regular visits and actual willingness to help me out with MIB, I was starting to hope that he was in the process of becoming a better man.  That he was starting to take seriously his duites as a father and was ready to take the more sensible direction at the crossroads but I guess that was wishful thinking on my part. 

MIB is running around the house saying "Da-dyi Da-dyi!" and she has no "Da-dyi" to run to.  It hurts my heart to see that she now recognizes him, knows who he is and what to call him, but can't see him.  I guess in his case, there is no reason to hope because its all for nothing.

And, he needs to stop calling my cell collect...I ain't his mom and I ain't answering.


  1. Progress is that she recognzies him. LOL@"jailhouse musings" This is definitely your topic to showcase your writing style.

  2. Yeah...singing love songs and odes to me over the phone after the sexy "this call has been made from the wisconsin correctional facility" LMAO....he needs to quick.

    And thanks for the complement NEED to give me a call



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