Friday, July 9, 2010


I've been MIA...I know this and I apologize (to the few who actually follow me lol). 

Life interrupted...

I've been uber busy over the last two months.  Some good and some bad.

MIB celebrated her 2nd birthday and had a Princess and the Frog themed party last month.  Preparing for a child's birthday party is almost as involved as preparing for a wedding reception.  In.sane.  I'm preparing for 3 NOW.  And she's still talking about happy cake.

Also found out that MIB has to have surgery on both of her hips.  She'll be in a body cast for three months.  That will be discussed in a new post.

Haven't heard from SD, but she did meet his mother for the first time last month.  Good experience for me, her and MIB.  I will be doing it again.

Making some serious changes in my professional life.  No details now, but the subject of this blog is a big reason for the change and muse for the change.  Working with a small team to get on it, hopefully it will be revealed in the fall, the bigger portion revealed at the beginning of the year.

I guess those are all of the updates with me and mine.  I will be staying on top of my posts, but it will probably be just 2 a week so that I can work on the project and work on helping my baby get through her surgery and walk again. 


  1. I will never read this blog again but I still love ya. I can't read white on black background. my eyes can't take it.

  2. Good luck with everything! :D

  3. VZ girl I am so sorry...I'll have to change it because I need feedback from you lol...gimme a little bit.

    TY THG...I need it but VZ is helping me out a lot and I think a majority of it will be done by the end of this year...




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