Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things that make me smile

As a new parent, I am always going to be amazed at what MIB learns to do on a daily basis. There are just a few of the things that she does that make me smile:

The way she chews her food in the front because she doesn't have any teeth in the back yet.

The way she says nose ('noe'), points to hers, and then stabs mine with her little finger.

The way she runs around on the bed in circles and then runs in place Flashdance style when a song comes on the TV or radio.

The way she bops her left shoulder up and down right before she breaks it down Flashdance style.

When she says 'ma' she sounds just like that little boy on "The Rifleman."

The way she crawls on the side of me on the couch when it's time for her to go to sleep, grabs her bottle, and plays with her bellybutton until she falls asleep.

Her reciting the hand motions to Pattycake and then clapping and squealing for herself at the end of the song.

The way she turns her nose up and makes a face when I ask her if she went stinky poo poo.

How she gives me a hug and pats me on my shoulder while hugging me.

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