Monday, October 25, 2010

The wait Part II

So today is MIB's second surgery and I certainly hope that her luck is better than mine this morning.

I had planned out everything for the day: I was going to get up early and get dressed, wake MIB up later so that she wouldn't be too hungry before we got to the hospital, get my mom up and dressed and ready to go, pick up my aunt on our way to the hospital, and then finally we'd get there.

Shit apparently doesn't happen as planned.

Last night my aunt said that she wasn't going to be able to come to the hospital with us because she was really sick.  Her daughter was supposed to have brought her medicine from the pharmacy last night but wasn't able to.  So she decided to stay home and get her meds this morning and she said that she would see me later this afternoon.  Ok. Cool.  That's one less stop for me to make.

Then this morning I got up a little later since I didn't have to pick my aunt up and started getting ready.  I got cleaned up, the rest of my clothes of the dryer for the stay, packed up a few last minute items and was getting my mother up so she could get ready.  Of course she couldn't go because she wasn't feeling well.  After promising me that she would be able to go with me this morning.

I understand that my mother is sick and can't control what is going on with the weather to make her feel sicker or whatever but this is the second time that she wasn't able to be with me while I waited for MIB to get out of surgery and I feel...well hell I'm pissed off.  I know that she has her thing going on but I really wish I had my momma out here with me because right now I'm by myself and it sucks ass knowing that I have to wait out here by myself.  Well someone is going to be out here with me soon (my "sister" and her boyfriend) but dammit I wanted my mommy.

Anyway, after I found out that she couldn't go I just started getting our stuff together so we would be able to make it to the hospital on time.  I packed her wheelchair, my overnight duffel bag, and my laptop bag in the car before taking her out to the car and putting her in her car seat.  I brought her out, locked her in, pulled out the driveway, then thunka thunka thunka.

WTF?  WTF is thunka thunka thunka?  Ok I got a flat tire. No problem; there is a gas station right up the street and they have an air pump and I can handle that and only be a few minutes late.  Then the car started to wobble all funny.  W.T.F?!  I get to the gas station and there are literally HOLES in my fucking tire. Y'all hear me? HOLES.  As if someone came to my car in the middle of the night, got a damn switchblade and started cutting up my tired.  I mean who in the hell would cut up my tire?  And this wasn't an explosion sort of thing...well at least it doesn't look like it to me.  Either way, cut up or not, I'm pissed.

So then I'm calling everybody: best friend, cousins, even sorry ass SD.  No one could come out to help me at all.  So I'm standing here on the side of my car, on the phone, chain smoking, worrying about how I'm going to get my baby to the hospital and all of the people that I've come through for WHENEVER they needed me couldn't come through for me when I needed them.  So now I'm stressed, pissed, and hurt.

I called the hospital to let them know that I was going to be late after calling for a cab.  They said that it would be fine and that I should keep in contact with them just in case we weren't able to make it there in enough time.  So after getting off the phone with them, I started waiting on the cab (after negotiating with the gas station owners to let me keep my car there until I could get someone to take care of it for me). 

15 minutes.  No cab.

I called them back: "Um yeah. No cab. You said 15 minutes."
Them: "Yeah...because you requested a van (because of MIB's wheelchair) it's going to take a little bit longer.  But if they aren't there in about 10 minutes give us a call back"
Me: "OK..."

15 minutes AGAIN.

"Yeah I'm waiting for the cab and he's still not here.  I need to get to the hospital and I need a cab 40 minutes ago."
Them: "OK what we can do is send you a regular car cab.  Since the wheelchair folds up it should fit in the trunk with no problems."
"OK how long will THAT take?"
"Ten minutes tops"

12 minutes later.
"I just ordered a cab at so and so west so and so...where is the cab?! I NEED to get to the hospital so that my child's surgery won't be rescheduled."
"Ma'am let me give the driver a call to see where he's at, ok?"
"Yeah, fine."
" second."

Bullshit elevator music.  Waiting.  No cigarette.  Migraine.

"Thanks.  He's two blocks away and should be there any second ok?"

So he gets there about two minutes later and then I start putting everything out of my van into his car.  I give him the location and realize three blocks out that I forgot her Princess Frog blanket.  We had to go back to the gas station, I had to get her blanket and we were finally on our way.

Now mind you, I hadn't planned on spending any extra money than the little $10 I had for meal tickets while I was staying overnight with MIB.  Once we got to the hospital I'd spent $35 physical dollars (cab ride plus meal ticket money) and about $80-200 mental money (cab ride, meal tickets, tire, tire change, tow truck, possible tire rim). 

Thankfully we got here just in enough time to get her registered and to have her surgery (her surgeon is really the best. I couldn't have asked for anyone better). I made sure that I talked to him about the issues she had last time a few days after her surgery and it's now understood that she won't be going home until she's had both a bowel movement and proper urination instead of just a proper urination. 

MIB should be out shortly...hopefully everything went well with her surgery, there were no complications, and that I have a car when I finally get someone to it.

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