Saturday, September 18, 2010

7:00 pm

That was the last time MIB urinated until right before we left the emergency room at about 4 pm.

After her surgery, she was having some difficulties urinating regularly.  It took her almost all day after her surgery on Monday, and then she was only going two...maybe three times a day since.  Plus, she hadn't had a bowel movement since last week Sunday.  But the lack of bowel movements I had attributed to the Roxicet she was taking for pain. a reminder, she was still having muscle spasms all through the night and into Friday as well.

So after she still hadn't peed, I called her surgeon's nurse to let her know about all of the issues that she was having.  After explaining MIB's symptoms, the nurse told me to immediately take her to the emergency room. So I got her washed up and dressed, did the same for myself, and was out of the door in less than 30 minutes.  I took a couple of snacks with me for her just in case her appetite decided to kick in on the way or while we were there. 

I took her to Children's Hospital Emergency, checked in, and we were in a room in less than 15 minutes.  The nurses took her vital signs, got her in a robe, gave her a small room, handed the remote to me so that she could watch Dinosaur Train and Sid the Science Kid, and brought me a large cup of coffee. 

The nurse practitioner came in and we had a discussion about her surgery and what was happening afterwards and then she told me what she was going to do for her.  She scheduled her to have an X-ray of her bowels, a Fleet enema, and a new prescription for a pill version of her Valium so that I could disguise the taste of it better for her. 

The x-ray wasn't too bad.  They had to take two just to make sure they got an accurate reading of her bowels because of the cast that she had on.  She did a pretty good job of staying still (not like she had much choice in an almost full body Spica cast) and got a Diego and Thomas the Train sticker. 

We went back to her room and they gave her a 680 ml IV to help her with her dehydration.  But of course they had to get the IV in her hand and she.was.not.happy.  She cried while I sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to her, I helped the nurses put the tape on the IV on her hands so that they wouldn't stay, and tried to keep her as calm as I could.  I held and rocked her during the IV drip...she went to sleep in my arms and had a fit when I laid her in the bed.  But eventually she stayed, stopped crying, and slept a little more.

A little while after her IV drip stopped, she started to complain of pain in her knees and legs.  I alerted the nurses and they gave her some morphine for her pain.  They didn't give her any Valium, they wanted me to wait until she got home a little later and had my new prescription for it.  She didn't go back to sleep but she was a lot more calm and didn't exhibit any more signs of pain. 

Eventually it was time for the enema and she did surprisingly well with that also.  She had a huge bowel movement about ten minutes later, but cried so pitifully while she was having it.  "Diaper change Mommy Candy (Candy is my nickname from my aunt and when MIB talks to her on the phone she calls me Candy and now MIB calls me Mommy Candy)! Diaper change!"  I'm actually getting better at changing her without help and even the nurses were surprised at how good of a job I was doing with her and the changes (I guess they don't see a lot of parents come in who can handle their child or takes the time out to learn what they need to do in order to handle their child). 

So after getting there at about 11:30 this morning, we finally left at about 5:30 this afternoon.  She had a bowel movement, peed, had pain medicine, a new script, and was feeling almost a thousand times better. 

MIB is having a really rough week and I don't like that shit one bit. 

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