Monday, September 13, 2010

And the wait begins...

I am currently sitting in the third best children's hospital in the country.

I'm at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin sitting in the waiting room impatiently waiting for the doctor to come out to let me know that my child is ok.

A doctor just came out and is talking to another parent...he's telling the mother that his pressure was up but that he's ok now.  I wonder if I will be ok if my baby's doctor tells me that.

It was a rough night for the two of us.  She slept with me yesterday and had a horrible sleep.  At about four in the morning she woke up crying and thrashing around in the bed.  It was like she was having a serious nightmare about what was going to happen this morning.  Or maybe it was Lord of the Ring...not sure.  Maybe I shouldn't have let her watch that last night...Calliou (as much as I HATE HIM) would have been a lot better.

She went right back to sleep after I consoled her for about ten minutes and then we had to wake up about an hour later so that I could give her some apple juice.  She had a no food order after midnight and hadn't eaten since 9 pm the night before and I wanted to make sure that she got something on her stomach.  I got up, stumbled into the bathroom, used it and washed my hands, and then stumbled back into the kitchen to get her a glass of apple juice (with a straw of course).

Eventually we got washed up and ready to go. I put on some sweats and a tshirt; she had on her Princess and the Frog dress with a tiara our aunt got her at Walgreen's.  We loaded up the overnight bags and made our way to the hospital.

After the valet gave us our ticket to retrieve the car later; my mom and I took MIB upstairs and got checked in.  I have to say that it was a really smooth process.  They had all of my paperwork filled out and ready for me to sign (LOVE pre-registration), gave me a overview of the hospital and procedures, a form to fill out names of visitors and then we were on our way. 

The pre-op waiting room was really nice and so were the nurses.  They gave MIB a toy cake, book, and a couple of dolls to play with while we waited for her doctor to call her in.  The gave me a book with all of the information that I needed while we were staying at the hospital, found some cartoons for MIB to watch, and was just a really great nurse.  Once the doctor was ready for her to come in, I was ready for her to go home...I don't care how nice they were. 

But I eventually got over it because my baby needs this surgery...have it or be crippled basically.  They took us into another area of the hospital and they gave her some "happy juice" right before they took her into the operating room.  And they let her keep her tiara, Shreky, Animal, and her new toys as well.  Then they wheeled her in and I was a slight mess.

I was worried, but didn't do the whole break down Maury-esque fall and cry when they took her in.  I was nervous, my stomach was in knots; but it's like I knew she was in good hands.  I think I am more worried about post surgery than the actual surgery.  My baby will be fine...she has no choice but to be.

The doctor is calling me in now...she's out of surgery...


  1. How can you hate Cailliou???

    Everything will be fine, Hugs to both of you.

  2. Hey SunSoaker...
    Calliou was ok for a while but when that is ALL THAT SHE WANTS TO WATCH then there is a problem lol....
    But she's doing really well though...thanks




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