Friday, September 24, 2010

Family Friday I decided to start this new weekly post called "Family Friday."

I have almost no time to really sit and spend quality time with MIB.  Despite the fact that I'm working from home for the next several months while she recovers from her surgery, I am still telecommuting, running errands, cleaning, cooking, and a million other things which makes me even busier than I was when I was driving a half an hour to work.

But I know that I need to be spending more time with MIB...or should I say more quality time with her.  So on Fridays, I want to put something together that we (me, MIB, and Nani) can do together.  So this Friday's Family Friday event will be: coloring.

Yeah it sounds really simple, but this is something that this child LOVES to do.  Even if it is just scribbles.  Later this afternoon, I am going to Walgreen's to get her this little Disney lap desk that has all of these arts and crafts pieces included.  It has crayons, markers, glitter glue (she won't get that), scissors (she won't get those either), stickers, stencils, and a coloring notebook. 

While we color, I am going to help her with things that I feel are important to her future but also fun for her to do as well.  Even though we've started writing a little bit, I am going to get her to do that a little bit more with her new crayon/marker set.  We are going to write her name, my name, Nani's name, the alphabet, and numbers.  I am going to let her decorate the paper that we write all of that information on, put some contact paper on it, and hang it up on her wall. 

I know this is really simple, but y'all have to understand that I am not artistic at ALL.  I mean I can barely draw stick people much less do something that another will consider pretty.  But, I do know what MIB loves to do and if I can set time aside to do those tings with her and get a little bit of education mixed in there...I do what I can.  WordWorld and Sesame Street can only teach MIB so much. 

Anymore ideas on what you would do on Family Friday?

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