Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No poopoo?

So I've been trying to potty train MIB for the last few months since she has been out of her cast.  And so fast she has been doing a really good job with the peeing part but the poopoo part has been a serious challenge.
Since the training started, she picked up on telling me when she has to go pee. "Mommy I have to go peepee!"  And we will go to the bathroom and she will do her business (sometimes while I'm doing mine) without a problem.  But she always forgets to tell me when she has an urge to go poopoo.

And believe me I have tried everything to get her to do so.  I have bribed her with money, toys, Dora, cartoons, and sweet treats.  But hear I am still buying pull ups instead of panties.  I've even tried to bribe her with pretty panties to convince her to go poopoo in the potty...but still no luck.  Not even the promise of school can get her to do what she needs to do and I am out of options.

So, #YCMs, what are your potty training suggestions?  How can I convince MIB to be a "big girl" and not a baby and go poopoo in the potty?


  1. Bribes didn't work with mine either. what did eventually works was bringing him often just to sit on the toilet and encourage him to go, if he did't after a few minutes we left if he did I made a big deal about it, praising him. Eventually he would tell me when he really had to go.

  2. Hey SunSoakerB,
    The bribes worked with the peeing, but so far not with the pooing. I would sit her on the pot and nothing. I'd cheer and applaud her when she was able to go to the bathroom. I'd get her in the middle of her bowel movements and get her on the pot but she still can't grasp that she needs to go before she goes in her diaper. But there is a greater sense of urgency because my mother is having surgery in a couple of months and she watches her for me (can't afford child care) and she won't be able to take care of her and I can't get any more time off of work and she needs to be able to go to the bathroom by herself SOON. I hope that she's able to go sooner than later because it's ridiculously important right now.

    Thanks for the advice!!


  3. Getting my son (3 years old) to poop in his potty was an uphill battle. Really. He had the pee thing down pat and would NOT ever pee on himself. He was super weird about it and would always tell me "I can't pee on myself, boys don't pee on themselves!" But when it was time to poop, he'd ask for a pull-up so he could go in there. Sigh. I thought it was NEVER going to end. But alas, he poops in the toilet. Being patient was key and knowing that he'll get it eventually. Also, I took him with me to Target and made him pick out one of those potty seats that go right on top of the toilet seat. He picked the one from the movie, Pixar "Cars" and loved it. So he actually WANTED to sit on in and do his business.

  4. Hey Alicia...
    I never thought about having her pick out her OWN potty seat. I just got her the Walmart basic to get her started. But I might have to take her on a shopping trip and maybe even allow her to pick out her own pretty panties so that she can have some ownership in regards to her potty training. Thanks for that...and it'll be warmer this weekend!! A perfect weekend to go shopping!




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