Monday, May 9, 2011

Planes, Promotions,Pittsburgh, Playing Possum, Procedures, and Planning for Peace

I'm back!
Life has taken me on a trip and I am still sight seeing.

Over the last several months I have been busy beyond belief trying to take care of family, work, money, and SD's nonsense.  Let's start with Planes, Promotions and Pittsburgh.

In March, my boss and supervisor told me that I would be taking over a new freight system project and got me started training with the soon to be retired person that was doing it before me.  Once I started this project, I soon realized that I was going to have to commit nothing less than 15 hours a week to it on TOP of the 40+ hours I was already working.  As time went on, folks at my job got jealous, were trying to micromanage my position instead of worrying about their own, and were bad mouthing me to my supervisor.

Being the fabulous person that she is, she let them know that she would talk to me about certain things I was behind in (due to the two to three hours of meetings several days a week) but she let them know that they needed to take care of their business and that didn't sit well with them.  It also pissed them off to know that I was going to Pittsburgh (my job's general office's location) to train for three days (I'm a temp still and for them to send me there is a pretty big deal).

Of course I was excited to go but there was one problem: I was scared to fly.  Eventually I got over my fear, got on the plane (with the help of some Skyy Blue), and made my trip.  Visiting GO was an exciting experience and I am so glad that I did make that trip.  I got to meet the big wigs, proved myself to the company (again), and met many people that I had only talked to on the phone.  Once I got back, I thought that this would be my segue to a permanent position but I was highly mistaken.

I let my boss and supervisor know that I needed to have security in my position not only for myself but for MIB.  They told me that they were trying to get me hired (the same line that has been fed to me for years) but all they were able to get me was a raise.  Which I finally got last week.  Yay. (y'all know sarcasm when y'all see it right? That's what I thought...moving on).

Let's move onto the next part of my beautiful title full of alliteration and discuss Playing Possum.  That involves SD (yes he's back to being SD).  He'd been acting like he had a little fat on his head and was all concerned about MIB and was calling about her and whatnot.  But once it was time for her to have her Procedure, he failed.  His sorry ass, once again, did not show up for her latest surgery (taking the pins and plates out of her hips...a procedure I talked about here and here.  A little later on I'll explain exactly what she had done and why).  After blowing up his phone with calls and text messages (yeah I can get a little bit hood sometimes...wha?) I gave up trying to contact him after her surgery and just focused on her (and my mom, she had surgery three days prior to MIB's).  Then he had the NERVE to text me Happy Mother's Day...he can hold his breath on a thank you for that one.

Planning on Peace.  This was the most important revelation that I've had all year and it was due to a combination of my other six Ps.  Having to stay home and nurse my mother and MIB back to health, while trying to work from home, while trying to sell my Avon, while trying to stay sane drove me completely insane.  I was so unhappy over the last week and I just couldn't shake it.  My job, SD, situation with my mother, living situation, financial situation, mental situation just made me ridiculously unhappy and it was time for me to find my peace.

So that is what I am doing.  I am making myself happy (and my family happy as well because I will then lack misery) by doing what I want to do (within reason of course).  I am working on the non-profit again, cut my hours down SIGNIFICANTLY at the 9-5, stopped bring work home, and am going to start taking some "me time."  That means Mommy Monday's will be back...Family Friday's will reappear, and I am thinking about adding another feature.  So stick around, stay tuned, and wait to see what I bring back.  You know...outside of me of course :).

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