Friday, January 29, 2010

Things that make me smile

The way she says her body parts:
Cheeks - kheeks
Hands - hans
Mouth - mou
Chin - ken
Bellybutton - lakdfakfj; (it's totally unintelligible lol)
Foot - she just throws them in the air (lmao)

The way she picks up the remote and turns it to what SHE wants to watch (usually involving Calliou or Sesame Street or Dinosaur Train)

The way she feeds herself with a backwards fork

The way she picks up stuff to throw in the garbage (which, strangely enough, is usually garbage that needs to be thrown out)

The way that she "helps" me with the laundry by putting the wet clothes and dryer sheet into the dryer and closing the door

The way she reads her book (Peek-A-Boo is her favorite) while she's potty training

The way she grabs my face and kisses and hugs me when she wants to get (in) to something

The way she rolls on her stomach, holds on to me or the comforter, and slides to the floor

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