Thursday, February 4, 2010

Baby Momma of the Year...For real?

This is why I write this blog...because of BS like this.

I was listening to the radio this afternoon at work while eating my lunch when I heard this come across the airwaves.

I damn near choked.

The announcer stated that it would be some weekend and that all baby momma's need to come dressed in their best while toting pictures of the child(ren) in order to compete for the baby momma of the year. I swear that is the MOST embarrassing thing I have ever heard come across Milwaukee's airwaves.

I was just thinking the other day about being embarrassed to be a single mother. Years ago (during my parents' generation) a woman who had a child out of wedlock (or was alone) was basically put out of the community (by being sent away to another city or nunnery to have their child) and was not allowed to hang out with the "good" girls (aka - those who weren't pregnant and didn't have sex). And just the other day, I felt embarrassed to be a single mother (after my friend told me about another friend who is married and pregnant with her second child).

I am embarrassed because I wasn't married or in a real relationship with my child's father. I am embarrassed because she won't have her father in her life (at least that is the way it's looking so far) and won't know who he is. I am embarrassed that I can't give MIB the life I had (with two parents) as a child. But, despite the embarrassment of not having and not being able to give those things, I know for sure that I am a mother and am proud of that. And that makes this baby momma of the year award even MORE embarrassing for me.

If I'm not mistaken, 99.999% of baby momma's are single women and are not with their child(ren)'s father(s). The description of a baby momma is not a favorable one and is not one I aspire to be like. I am afraid that I will be mistaken for a baby momma because of my single/not with MIB's father and embarrassed even more because of the assumption. I don't need to be associated with baby momma's and invited to a party to participate in a popularity contest for baby momma of the year.

Calling my mother a few times a day while I'm at work to check on MIB's legs is what makes me a MOTHER. Rearranging my work schedule and taking in hours at home to spend more time with MIB makes me a MOTHER. Making sure MIB has all of the things she needs even though I know I don't have the money for it makes me a MOTHER. Reading her bedtime stories and letting her make a mess of the floor when she is in the tub makes me a MOTHER. This I cannot be embarrassed about.

The baby momma's of Milwaukee/Racine/Kenosha/Waukesha counties can get dressed up, leave their children with whomever, get drunk, and accept a cheap award based on who has on the best freak'em dress in the club (because you KNOW they ain't voting based on how good of a baby momma they are). I'd rather take a well fed, healthy, young lady that I raised with a lot of love, care, and (appropriate) discipline. That's all the trophy I need.

Plus, I don't need to be praised or awarded for something I'm supposed to (and want to) do anyway.


  1. Awww... sadly being a single mother is the norm to me. Honestly I always get surprised when ppl are married. Didn't grow up with folks like that.

    When you get embarrased, play Fantasia's BabyMomma,

    then laugh outloud about how dumb that song is

    it will change yr mood

    [I'm gonna need you to add pictures to each post. I'm a visual learner)

  2. Hey VZ
    That update was for you.
    I guess it does depend on how you were raised and what you expect out of a relationship and for a family. But I have ALWAYS wanted to be married (not just to be married...I know there's work involved and I was and am always ready for that). I just think it's right.

    And you KNOW that BabyMama by Fannie is gonna be the theme song of that fuckery. I wonder how many of their kids got on clean clothes while they got on their $400 outfits *you know they just got their taxes and EIC*




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