Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A change IS gonna come

They done pissed me off y'all...

So at my job I've been training to do this new position (while still a temp mind you) and they've sent me to Pennsylvania a couple of times and are trying to get me in as an actual employee instead of as a temp.  I've been doing my job, but I've been falling behind.  My supervisor (who is really cool) helped me file almost 10,000 (yes that's what I said TEN THOUSAND) sets of papers and I'm behind AGAIN.

This new project that was assigned to me started off ok...but then it snowballed into insanity.  They expected me to do four to six hours per day on that project along with the eight to ten hours of my regular job.  Now I know I'm not every good in math but that equals to 12 to 16 hours per day...just to get the new project in the "normal" category (because right now that shit is far as hell away from normal). 

I was expected to do this work from home after I left work...which meant losing time with MIB.  Which meant no me time.  Which meant I was going to lose my mind.  And I did that for a while because I needed the overtime because I am beyond broke.  But today I had a enough of that shit.  Like...enough.

We had a meeting that was supposed to last an hour last an hour and half.  We discussed problems with the new program (that corporate will.not.fix. or are trying to fix and "can't" fix).  Then we actually fixed a few problems but encountered a few more after that.  Then responsibilities were being distributed between me and several other folks. 

While the duties were being divyed up, I was asked about how much time I had was able to dedicate to new said project.  Um how about NONE?  My main job takes up most of my day (especially if other departments are particularly busy) and leaves me with maybe an hour left (because I normally work through my lunch).  Then if you add in bathroom breaks and I need to stand up off of my ass because it's falling asleep from sitting on it too long breaks...I have about thirty minutes left.  Then after going through all of that mess you want me to come home and go through so MORE shit?!

Nope...nuh unh no way. 

I am so TIRED of giving up all of my life for this job that could give a rat's ass about me and what I'm going through.  Because I was getting some pretty decent bonuses from them as a temp, I was willing to stay as long as I could so that I could become their employee and to take care of MIB as well.  Now they want me to put my main job to the side and try to do 8+ hours of work in two hours and use the rest of the day to finish the new part of my job.  For real? 

The mess that they put me through today literally gave me a migraine and some false stroke symptoms.  I mean my chest was throbbing (hell as I TYPE about today's meeting my chest is feeling tight) and I just had to stop and lay back in my chair because if I would have said anything I probably would have had a serious stress related attack. 

As of today I am so done with this job and those folks.  Outside of work, I believe they are ok.  But the entity that is my employer and the machine that is the corporation is killing me loudly.  I made a decision yesterday to make bolder moves to create a lifestyle for myself that involved me working from home and that was the only thing that was on my mind today (you know...outside of the bullshit).  And now I'm on a mission to do it because I want to be here for MIB when she decides to have babies (you know 40 years from now lmao).

So the moral of the story is: don't let corporate dictate your life and your health.  Don't let corporate take you away from your family and yourself.  And don't let corporate or corporate dollars (no matter how much you need them) blind you from what's important to you and what will make you happy.
Now I need an aspirin...

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