Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Words of Wisdom Wednesdays

That's a picture of the FREE two cases of Clear Fruit water I got from the local distributor today.

My mother is a diabetic and she swears by these waters to help keep her blood sugar levels at a reasonable level.  They aren't as sweet as sodas or some juices and MIB loves them. 

I am a moderate extreme couponer and decided to email the company to tell them how much my family enjoys their waters.  Plus I had hoped for a few coupons a well.  The local distributor called the house earlier today to talk to me about my email but since I was at work he spoke to my mother instead.

My mother told him about her diabetes issues and how the water helped her. Come to find out, he was a diabetic too and used the waters to keep his blood sugar levels in check as well.  They spoke for a little while longer and eventually he told her that he would be over at eleven to drop her off a couple of cases.

Eleven o'clock came and he had been there for ten minutes.  My mother asked him about coupons a purchasing them directly from him.  He said that wasn't possible but he would talk to one of the local stores to sell them to her at a discount (because the stores were selling them for too much).

That shows you what you can get if you just ask.

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