Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm Back...

So I have been hiatus for quite a while and have been wanting to get back into the blogging life.

I've missed writing and sharing my story (as crazy as it can be) and was trying to figure out when to start, how to get a blogging schedule going, what I want my focus to be...I just didn't know.

So today, after work and errands and finally putting MiniMe to sleep, I just said to myself "screw it, I'm just gonna start."  Consider this the first day back to YCM.

All of my internal debates weren't wasted though.  I did figure out that I wanted to be more proactive and helpful in my blog.  I feel like I did more complaining than helping in my hopefully this time around I'm able to be a better blogger, listener, helper, YCM :).

I hope that you all enjoy what I have in store for will be slow to start because it's been almost (if not longer than) a year since I've written anything so I'm a little rusty and need to get the kinks out.  But I do believe that I'll find my groove again...

I've been in a funk because of issues at home (sick mother), at work (hate my job sometimes...but damn glad to have one), and with myself (still trying to get this weight off).  And this funk and constant doing and running kept me from doing the one thing that I loved more than any other profession I've participated in: writing.

This isn't professional (for's hoping)...but it is therapeutic, it makes me happy, and makes me feel like I have a purpose if just one person reads it and gets (hopefully) something out of it.

That's it...that's my testimony for today...and please leave comments, ask questions, let me know something! And until then, here are a few things I have planned:
  • Ask YCM
  • Product reviews 
  • Sunday savings WILL be back with a force
  • Weight loss Wednesdays (since I'm back on my Weight Watchers...this is an extra incentive for me to get the weight off and to be...accountable for it)
Hopefully y'all will like it and keep coming back...:o)


  1. Welcome back!! I been subscribed to your blog via Google so when I checked my Google Reader and saw a new post from you I was thrilled!! I'm 28 with no children but I love your writing and keeping strong despite issues going on in your life. Looking foward to reading more posts!! I hope your 2013 goes off in a good start! take care!

  2. YAY!

    Awwww@thehoustongirl That's sweet!

  3. Hey y'all...

    Look at me with a fan or two! LOL...

    thehoustongirl...thank you so much for coming back and actually following me! And I'm so glad that you've been enjoying what I've been writing as well...and I love my child but stay child free!! Enjoy your life because it takes a LOT and I mean A LOT to raise a child...I'm no expert but I'm definitely experienced...but when you are ready I hope that I can help! And I hope 2013 works out for you too...all we can do is make it better

    Miss VZ...I'm trying to do my life right...I need some kind of outlet and this is definitely it...

    Off to write Monday's!




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