Thursday, November 29, 2012

Family Friday: Making Homemade Products

MIB and I both have thick, unruly, dry, natural hair.  And when it is hair day (and I mean it takes a day for me to do her hair) it is an event.  It took me a while to find the right products for her hair and when I did, I realized that it was too much for my wallet.  So, I searched the internet, did some research on different shea butter recipes, and she and I made the best hair and skin concoction for less than a third of what I was going to pay.
A while ago a friend of mine gifted me a container of this fabulous shea butter mixture from an online vendor.  That was the best hair moisturizer I've ever laid my hands on and I had it for almost a year (because a little went a long way).  I was going to buy some more but it cost more than $35 and that is not in my budget.

So I went to the local hair store last week, found a pound of pure shea butter for a little over $5 and an argan hair oil blend for under $3 and made plans.  I already had castor and olive oil at home so I didn't have to worry about that.  I told MIB that I was making it for her hair (since every other Saturday is her hair day) and she wanted to help.

I took her in the kitchen and she stood on her chair so she could reach the counter and the mixer and assisted me in making our own homemade whipped shea butter mixture for our hair days.  I started mixing it and then I poured the oil in the measuring spoon for her to pour into the mixture.  After it was mixed up pretty good I let her take hold of the mixer to finish whipping up some more air in there (so it could be fluffy and easy to use).

Once we got it to the right consistency, I got a spatula and she spooned it into the container.  And she was so proud that she helped mommy make the best product for our hair.  I told her that she could also use it on her skin (in her words "to make it soft and moisturized" lol) and she of course proceeded to put entirely too much of it everywhere (there will be Dawn in the laundry tonight lol), but she was so proud that she helped make something that our family could use.

This is a great way to not only spend time with your MIB but to also teach them something new and learn etiquette for whatever activity they are doing (cooking, yard work, etc.).

What is your Family Friday activity?

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  1. I love the idea of homemade products, well done!
    Post some pictures of the final result!

    Stopping by from SITS.

  2. Hey Alison! Thank you!

    I am going to be honest: I am not a crafty homemade kinda gal lol. This truly came out of necessity and lack of cash. And thankfully for me and MIB it's versatile: we not only use it for our hair but for our body as well.

    I think I'm going to get into herbs and oils and see what else I can make at home because that was such a money saver.




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