Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from YCM and Thursday's Thoughts

Happy Thanksgiving YCMs, YCFs, and MIBs.

I've never been one to truly sit down and think about what I'm thankful for but I've been reading other blogs and what other bloggers have been thankful for so I decided to mention mine.

This year I have to say that I am thankful for the little things that are big to others:

  • For MIB, Nani, and my family: My child has gone through so much in her short four years of life, but every time she has a surgery or an X-ray or something that scares her, she comes out like a champ and stronger each time.  And Nani, she's getting older, sicker, and more annoying :) but she's my mother and I'm glad that she's here.  Things wouldn't be the same without her telling me I need to straighten my hair or reading something off the TV that I'm looking at as well.  And my family because we all need family and they are here for me when I need them and vice versa.
  • My job: I hate my job sometimes, I really do.  But I am thankful that in this economy that I have a decent paying job with benefits and insurance.  It might not pay much, but it is so much more than what others have and I'm very thankful to work with a company that gives me as much as they do and an opportunity to provide for my family.
  • My house and my car: My house because I live in a single family, it's rented but no one else stays above, below, or next to me and I value that privacy.  And I'm just glad to have somewhere to stay because there are so many folks that don't.  I am also thankful for my car because MIB and Nani have so many doctor appointments that not having a car is NOT an option.  It's not the newest or the prettiest but it's the most reliable for what I need to do now.  I can get a Porsche Cayenne later in life...
I love this day :)
And to tell the truth that's it.  I'm happy for the everyday, functional things that keep us going.  It's a short list but an important list to me.  And hopefully you all are thankful for the small and big things in life as well. 

YCMs/YCFs - what are you thankful for this year?

If you have a question for YCM email me here...Happy Thanksgiving :o)!

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