Monday, November 5, 2012

Mommy Mondays - Job Action Day

After five and a half long years at my job as a temp, they finally got some fat on their heads and decided to hire me (FINALLY).  And as much as I say they get on my nerves, I hate my job, and the rest of moaning and groaning I do about my job...I am certainly glad that I have one.  I could be like the 14.6% of women in my situation that are currently unemployed and trying to take care of a family.

Even though I'm employed with a great (on paper) company, have fabulous insurance, a retirement package and other amenities...I still look for a job because nothing is promise (and to be honest...I'm not as happy as I would like BUT I have mouths to feed so...).  And even though I know I haven't actively looking like I should, it's hard out there for women (and men) who haven't had a job for years because of the economy and have run out of unemployment.

Single parents are able to get some assistance through their city, county, and/or state via EBT/SNAP programs, energy assistance, section 8 or rent assistance, insurance or W-2 aka Wisconsin Works (a program in Wisconsin that helps individuals become working members of society again).  These programs are good for women because they help them maintain their households, feed and house their children, and make sure that they are as healthy as they can be while trying to find employment.  I was on a majority of these programs myself.

When I found out I was pregnant with MiniMe I was still working as a temp at my current job and didn't have enough savings to last the two months I was going to be on maternity leave.  I immediately went to the local W-2 office, signed up for W-2 benefits, received insurance, and did the mandatory classes required to receive benefits.  I made sure that I was on the program for ONLY two months because I didn't want to become solely dependent on those programs like I've seen some families do (and I mean multi-generational dependence...I have some of those groups in my family).  For me it was good for those few months and even beyond because I was able to maintain the health insurance that was provided for me and my daughter.  That's fine and dandy but hell I wanted to be favorite B word is "benefits" y'all...

I was fortunate enough to be with a company that was actually TRYING to hire me and followed through with their promise...but not all single parents are lucky enough to be in the situation that I am.  They might not have babysitters (can't find or afford one), are trying to go to school and can't get local help (for a while if you were in school you couldn't benefit from the W-2 program in Wisconsin), or they just weren't confident about what they felt they had to offer to possible employers.

For the single parents out there that are struggling like the rest of America, I want to let you know about November 5th, aka "Job Action Day".  Quintessential Careers is the career website that sponsors this annual career building day on the internet.  Basically several bloggers that are professionals in helping others get jobs and giving job-seeking advice get together and offer advice to those who are seeking employment, switching careers, or trying to advance in the career that they are already in.  This year's Job Action Day is entitled "Build Your Career Brand" and can be followed on Twitter by using #JAD2012 tomorrow.

I think I'll join Twitter tomorrow to follow this event and take advantage of the links that they provide (articles and blog posts by writers that are experts in job hunting and brand building) and see what I can get from it.  Based on some of the titles ("Employers Don't Give a Damn About You" and "You Are the Face of Your Brand") it should be quite informative.

Will you be Tweeting this event?  If so, what do you hope to gain from it?

By the way, don't forget to vote tomorrow.  For my fellow Milwaukeeans, here is a link for you to find your voting location and YOU DO NOT NEED ID to vote tomorrow.  Who you support is none of my business...just make sure that your voice and vote are heard. 

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