Monday, November 19, 2012

Sunday Savings (a day or so late...)

My CVS purchase on Sunday

So I have brought back my Sunday Savings and yesterday I really got back into couponing a little bit.  I didn't actually have any real coupons but CVS has such a deal for things that I needed anyway that I went in there half cocked and not at all prepared.

But I still got a lot of great items at a great price considering:

1 Softsoap hand wash
1 Carmex tube
2 Kleenex slim packs (3/pack)
1 Frebreeze dual scents
1 bag of gold chocolate coins for MIB
1 Box of Thermacare hip and lower back heating packs
1 purse sized container of Advil
1 1.25 liter of Sprite (which I don't need lol)
1 roll of Charmin Basic toilet tissue
1 dual pack of Fixodent (for Nani)

Price before coupons/ECBs: $36.29
Price after coupons/ECBs: $16.73
Total amount saved: $19.56 or 46%

Not bad for not having manufacturer's coupons and using ONLY ECBs for my entire purchase...I'm not mad.

Next time though, I WILL be getting on top of my couponing game...real talk.

YCMs/YCFs: Did you do any couponing this weekend?  How'd you do?

Don't forget about Thursday's Thoughts: ask your questions here!

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