Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Phone: MIB's first phone call to a classmate

So today MIB came home and said that she got her friend's phone number.

Being the good parent I am, I talked to her friend's dad to make sure that it was ok for her to talk at the time (it was know dinner time for some and I didn't want her interrupting anything) and he said it was ok.  MIB gets on the phone and just went to town lol.

"Hi! I think we should create a play date."

Child what?!  Why are you creating a social calendar?  You are FOUR...not FOURTEEN!

They are talking about having sleepovers in the front yard, library books, Tag readers, Dora the Explorer, going to school together the next morning after the sleepover.  I am just too done.  And it is so cute because she's enunciating ALL of her vowels and consonants, sitting up with her legs crossed (like the young lady I taught her to be), clearing her throat, extremely animated and excited.

I'm listening to them now and she just made arrangements for her friend's mom to come and pick her up so they can go to the library together...gave her our address and everything (yes MIB has known her address since she was 2 years old...Montessori baby!).

"I'll bring my two pairs of gloves and you can have one...the light pink ones or the dark pink ones with the designs in case your hands get cold."

I need to put this child on Disney.

"And then I can make a drawing for your house.  And I can make a flower picture with pillows all around it and Mommy can help me"

Now she's a starving artist and I'm her assistant...iCan't.

She's currently laid on her side twirling her twists like a 13 year old.

"Next time I come over we can play tic tac toe...I can bring it."

Getting ready for 2013's social events I see lol.

"And we can get a slider... CURTAINS and we can get all three curtains and pull them back to where they were before."

Now she's auditioning for HGTV Next Design Star.

"We can have some candy and some yogurt and maybe my mom can get us some strawberries!  And we can have some cranberries and some blackberries!"

If the HGTV thing didn't work out I guess she'll be going for Iron Chef America.

"Yes I would like to!"

I don't know what she just agreed to but at least she was polite about it (Thank you Miss Lia and your grace and courtesies lessons).

Call waiting clicks in: "Huh? Out of area?"  Shrugs and continues her conversation

At least she knows what calls to ignore.

"I already find my other...I already FOUND my other ones."

I love that she self corrects herself.

After 28 minutes MIB's friend had to use the bathroom and her father and I exchanged numbers so that we can get these two together for their pre-planned play date.

My calendar will include her dates and not mine...I'm so sad lol.

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