Friday, November 16, 2012

Family Friday: The library

I had been trying to find something for me and MIB to do today and since my last post was about story time between parents and their children I figured I'd run with that theme.

MIB and I went to the library today to get her first library card!  I'm so happy and excited for her.  As a child, reading was (and still is, when I get time) my favorite hobby.  To me, there is nothing like losing and transporting yourself in a story.  And thankfully, I've instilled the love of the written word in MIB.

From the minute she was born, I was always reading something to her; just like my parents did when I was a child.  Newspapers, magazines, the back of cereal boxes, whatever.  I turn the closed caption on the tv when she's watching cartoons and give her a bedtime story every night.  Sometimes, she reads a bedtime story to ME. 

I'm just glad that she developed a love for books early and I hope that she continues to see the value and joy of books for a long time.
YCM'S, how do you keep literary love and appreciation high in your household?


  1. Oh! her happy face!

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

      She was so excited...and proceeded to check out four books lol...and is ready to get some more. I'm so glad that she has a great love for books.




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