Sunday, November 25, 2012

I hope they throw all the books at your tail

So last week we got a robocall from MIB's school stating that someone was arrested at the school and that the new principal was working diligently to help the school board fix the problem.
Come to find out, someone was arrested for stealing money from the school.  And can I just say that I am BEYOND pissed.  We all know who the person is because she's no longer at the school, but I just need to know WHY did she do this to our school?

I'm not saying that this should've happened to another child's school, because that would be messed up as well.  But, I am going to be SO un-PC right now and say that a lot of the other schools are NOT doing what we have been doing to get funding put back into our school.

MIB's school is one of the most active and interactive schools I've seen in years of teaching and being a parent.  We have an active PTO that meets like clockwork the 2nd Tuesday of the month.  We go over our budget at the beginning of the year to see where we can put what so that the upper class students can have money for animal care, the elementary students can go on field trips, and that we have enough maintenance for the upkeep of our greenhouse.  We sold over $17,000 in almost two weeks for a fundraiser to help get extra teachers in for our school.  They've planned movie nights with former students to watch the younger kids so that we could have a community meeting about bringing in more parents and doing more for the school...and we were damn successful.  We don't have a music teacher and are shutting down a few classes because we don't have the budget for it.

And this female has the NERVE to steal for our school?!  To come to work everyday and smile in the faces of parents that come to pick up their kids or drop off lunch money or come to volunteer because we don't have the money...oh but I forgot she was POCKETING THE MONEY!!

It fires me up because we already have a budget problem.  And a new principal that walked into this mess.  And I've talked to the woman on numerous occasions and she was always as helpful as she could be.  And for her to do this to our our community when we do everything that "they" say we should be doing as a predominantly black school in the inner city?  I hope that she gets all sorts of federal and state charges and goes away for a long time plus has to pay ridiculous amounts of restitution.

At our next community and PTO meeting, I am sure that we are going to discuss this and discuss what we can do to replace the money that she has stolen from our kids.  There are going to be a lot of pissed, sad, irate, and confused parents.  But one thing that I know will happen is that we will come back from this like champs and probably raise twice the amount of money that she stole from us.  Because the parents and families at our school are a community...and that is how we roll.


  1. wth?! I'm shaking my head. what would possess someone to steal from children? I hope justice is served.

    p.s. first time visitor, be back soon!

  2. Hey Teresha...thank you for stopping by! :o)

    I have no idea what possessed this woman to steal from my baby's school...I'm still having issues with the fact that she even did it. And for her to be there for only two years? But at least they caught her before she could do anymore damage to the funds.
    I surely can't wait until 12/11 at our monthly PTO meeting lol...


  3. UGH! This is so horrible! I'm so sorry to hear that this women has stolen from your school. Such betrayal, especially since what she's really stealing from is the children's education! Ugh!

    1. Basically!! It hurts so much because those babies at that school are the most and the best and so are their parents...and we'll do ANYTHING to get them what they need. I was just on the phone with the social worker who happens to be my BFF but we were discussing the number of grants that she can get from my employer for the school. And this female is robbing the school blind...damn shame ~SMH~

      And thank you...I just hope we can come back from it.




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