Monday, December 17, 2012

All work makes for a tired Mommy

And unfortunately, that is how my life goes.

I am constantly work, at work from home, on the blog, for the child, for the's never ending.  And I don't go out.  Or have some free time.  At.all.

And when I do get a few minutes to myself it's to do a meeting or surf the web or something like that. Nothing fun...not going out with my girls, getting a cocktail (or two or three), window shopping, getting a cup of coffee, watching a movie (at the theater because On Demand doesn't count)...

I'm boring.  And I get seriously talked about by my friends and really close family.  Like a dog sometimes lol.

But that's because they want me to relax and have fun...they know my situation with my everything and that I never take time out for myself.  And they are right, I do need some me time (cue Heather Headley):

It's hard...but I do try.  Me and a friend of mine try to get out at least once a month and have some kind of meal and just shoot the shit.  No kids, no man (hers, not mine because I don't have one *insert semi-sad face here lmao*), no moms, no nothing.  Just two grown women, discussing life and not dealing with it for a couple of hours. 

It's a beautiful thing...IHOP pancakes, coffee, and shit-talking.

So yeah, all work and no play not only makes a tired mommy, but definitely a boring mommy.

YCM: what do you do to keep yourself from being boring and talked about by your friends?


  1. I am glad you find time when you can. It will just make you happier and a happier mom. I find that I need some girlfriend time even if it is only for a cup of tea and a b.s. session. We all feel better. For me, I need crafting time and I feel better when I am stressed. I am much better company afterwards. I never care if I am thought of as "boring", as long as i don't feel that way, who cares.

    1. Hey Winnie,
      Yes...who the eff cares? lol...

      Whatever gives me a few minutes of serenity is good for me and for my family because I'm not all stressed out. I love my IHOP sessions with my girl (we're past due though for this month lol)...despite all the nonsense going on in the restaurant, I'm still at peace in there...

      And I like your idea of crafting...I need to get back into crocheting...


  2. I found that taking even 10 minutes a day for myself meant that I had more to give to the kids, the school etc. When someone thinks I am boring, I look at what they think exciting it. More often than not, I will take boring.

    1. Rennata,

      I really try to get 10 minutes but I have a needy 4 year old lol. I try to bribe her with Disney Jr (I'm going to have to buy stock in them as much as I mention them lol) for about half an hour...but to get a consistent 15 minutes is a blessing lol.

      Thanks for coming through!


  3. Everybody needs a break, and it sounds like your plate is full and overflowing. Glad you get out every now and then and blow off steam!


    1. Hey Kathy,

      How you been?

      My plate is full, but I deal with it the best I can...I try not to complain too much but try to find ways to deal with it. That's all we can do huh?

      And I am WELL past due my margaritas in a pouch lol...Capri Suns for adults!




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