Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I need to vent...

Since this month's NaBloPoMo is all about work, this is the perfect way for me to vent about the nonsense that has been going on at my job. 

So I've been a temp for five and a half years at my job and before I got hired six months ago, these cats were hating on me because of the opportunities I was offered.  I mean they were doing some really backhanded stuff.  And I thought that since I was hired on as a permanent employee that the bullshit would stop.  

I'm the guy working and the other two women
are my gossipy co-workers.  Except I'm much cuter than him.


The local gossip queen at my job came to me and told me that folks were having issues with me leaving early and she was worried about me losing my job.  And I appreciated what she told me.  But I also told her that they need to worry about THEIR job because whatever I did was already approved by my manager.  I'm not just running around EVERYDAY doing whatever I want to.  And they also fail to realize that I work seven days a if I do leave early, trust and believe I am in my living room on Saturday and Sunday with my work laptop on with a load of laundry in the washer and the dryer. 

I just don't understand why they are so concerned about what I'm doing and what MY boss said I could do. They gossip and talk about me a couple of days a week with their buddies while I'm sitting in my corner getting my job done.  Or they are fast asleep in their bed at midnight while I'm in a dark living room getting my job done.  Or they are able to have a stress free weekend and do what they want when they want while I'm in the living room getting my damn job done. 

And I can deal with y'all gossiping about me because it's not affecting my job.  But don't do it within earshot of folks who know me and are cool with me who then come back to me about it.  I don't want to hear it and I don't have time to hear it because I'm doing my damned job.  Also, I hate it when folks talk about me behind my back about things they know NOTHING about, it gets back to me, and then they turn around and ask me for something.  

Because I'm a helpful person and the person they want me to help I like...I roll with it.  But it's so frustrating having folks come to me about stuff, hearing stuff from the people who are talking/gossiping about me, and trying to avoid it all while keeping calm and not acting out of control and getting myself fired.  


At least my boss and supervisor back me up, know I do superior work, and still accommodate me despite the naysayers, haters, and gossipers that are trying to mess up what I have (and they could get the same thing...instead of worrying about me all they have to do is ask).

YCMs/YCFs: how do you deal with gossipy co-workers?

YCM Extra!
Here are 8 tips from WikiHow on how to deal with office gossip:
  1. Know what gossip is
  2. Don't take gossip to heart
  3. Know the facts
  4. Assess the context
  5. Address workplace change gossip with speed, honesty, and supportiveness
  6. Challenge the gossiper directly: aka call him out but in a professional way
  7. Don't participate in office gossip (pot...kettle?)
  8. Help your company make a policy against office gossip
(These tips were taken directly from a WikiHow article called "How To Deal With Office Gossip" located here.  Please visit for more information)


  1. I absolutely hated when this happened where I worked. It drove me insane. People should spend more time doing what they are getting paid to do than worrying about what everyone else is doing.


    1. Exactly! I sit in my cubicle and handle business. I don't have time to hear about the gossip about me or anyone else. And people wonder why they are behind in their work or are taking forever to get things done...damn shame lol


  2. Gah! I so know what you're talking about... in a way. Luckily I'm able to have downtime on my days off, but I've had people insinuate that I'm not doing any work when I'm sitting at the nurses station trying to get my documentation done. For realz?? Just because I'm not hanging an I.V. somewhere doesn't mean I'm not doing my job. So I feel ya! Hopefully things will get better. Sounds like you need a nice vacation!

    1. Doesn't that just grind your gears? And I know you handle business because my mother was an LPN for over 30 years and she didn't know the meaning of downtime while she worked.

      And thanks...I need a vacay. I'm out of days so I guess I'll get some time off during Christmas and New Year's (hopefully lol)


  3. I'm gonna have to try this NaBloPoMo next month, it might get me posting more....everyone has to deal with some hater or peanut gallery especially if they're not secure in their position. You're right, as long as YOUR BOSS knows what you're doing and is pleased with it, that's all that matter. Make sure you give them a bright Good Morning and Have a Great Evening everyday, niceness pisses them off lol.

    1. This is my first time doing it and it is so challenging...and it keeps me on my toes lol. Also it's helping me on my craft...I say go for it! And they give you prompts for the month and your free days are on the weekend...I've even been posting twice a day sometimes.

      But the peanut gallery folks...they work my nerves I tell you. And I guess they are feeling a little insecure because they are close to retirement age...but I don't know your job and to tell the truth don't care to lol. They are just miserable ass people with too much time on their hands. But I am always nice to them because I'm a southern girl and that's the way I was raised...and like you said: kill them with kindness.


  4. I don't know why it's so hard for people to be nice and mind their own business. If you're going to gossip, don't talk about your co-workers. It's enough celebs out here doing crazy stuff that people could for hours on in about. I don't think people think about how gossiping about their co-workers affects the flow and teamwork environment.

    1. +10000

      Now there are some folks at my job that I do not like but I leave the gossiping about them to conversations between me and my BFF when I'm venting to her about the nonsense that's going on at work. So far it isn't hindering me from getting my work done...but I feel that one day it might. But a lot of my co-workers are the MASTERS of much so that when we have visitors from other locations, I make sure that I schedule some kind of meeting or make up a meeting to leave that meeting with my other co-workers and the visitor.




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