Friday, December 14, 2012

Depending on who I'm around...

For the most part who I am at home is who I am at work...until I have to deal with people who make 5 times as much as me.

I feel like I'm an honest, true, semi Southern, a little bit Northern, fair, understanding, slightly bougie with a touch of hood type of woman.  I am my environment and my upbringing and am not ashamed of who I am or where I've been.

So when dealing with folks I've worked with for six years, I do have a certain level of comfort that I take for granted and am real with them.  I might take an extra long break talking to a co-worker about kids or the latest policy change or sound like a sailor when discussing issues with my boss.  But I'm never disrespectful, mean, or out of control...just relaxed like I'm with family (I mean I am with them ONLY 8-10 hours a day).

But when the higher ups or visitors come through to visit the plant or to participate in training, I bring it down a little bit.  I don't curse or get lax...but I stay honest and will express how I feel about any issue.  For the most part I'm consistent.

And being consistent allows them to get to know me better because there are no questions and reasons to not believe what I say or what I will do.  This is also good because it keeps me from having to participate in b.s. conversations and unnecessary small talk...let's get to the business and be done with it.

YCM/YCFs...are you true to yourself and your co-workers?  Or do you put on a mask for your 9-5?


  1. I have always been myself at work and like you, when the hire ups would come through, yes, I'd take it down a notch, polish up my professionalism a bit more but you're right. For all of the time a person spends at work, you've just got to be yourself, or in my opinion, you should be able to be yourself, I have worked with some people though who do wear that mask and I always thought how stressful that must be for them. Better them than me. Work is stressful enough without having to be "on" all the time, ya' know?? Great post.

    1. Thanks you..

      I mean just dealing with other folks is a chore...then I have to create a new persona for myself during the day? Um no...nah I'm good lol.

      And as much time as we spend with become family...talking about the kids, the dog, sorry ass spouses lmao...the whole nine. And faking the funk is another layer I do not need lol


  2. I didn't realize that other people thought about the work/other persona. I'm slightly different at work than I am outside of it, if only cause I'm exhausted! At work, I am focused, on task and a team player. At home? It's as if I expend all my energy doing my job, and by the time I get home, I'm spent. That, and I actually bring work home with me a lot, as there are always papers to grade!

    Thanks for acknowledging the consistency part, it does make a difference when working with others to be consistent and stable :)

    Great post! Love the blog!

  3. Hey PD (I love abbreviating folks names lol I'm silly)...

    But yes I have to be consistent because I want folks to know there are no games coming from me. And before this post I never thought about it either...but like I said I don't have the time to put on the mask because like you said...I am focused and on task.

    And you're a teacher! I miss teaching (sort of lol)...what grade do you teach?




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