Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lazy Saturdays and Light Shows

Today was a lazy day...I said to myself on Friday that I was going to sleep "all the way in," and I did.

I didn't get up today until noon...seriously.  I was so tired last night (working on about 3-4 hours per night of sleep) and I just needed that super long rest.  And when I got up, I was well rested and ready to do a whole bunch of nothing for the rest of the day. 

I got MIB and myself some breakfast, laid back down and watched TV for a while, fixed us some lunch, and laid down some more.  We had plans to go to Candy Cane Lane tonight, but before we left I fixed dinner.  I made my mom's "stuff" with ground beef, tomatoes, okra, potatoes, lima and green beans, corn and onions.  Put it on low while we were gone and we're going to eat soon...the potatoes aren't quite done cooking but they are pretty close. 

After we eat, we're going to get our showers, watch some more TV and go to bed.  

I got absolutely nothing done today and damn it felt so good lol. 

YCMs/YCFs...did you have a lazy Saturday today?


  1. I am going to have a lazy weekend one of these days. Yours sounds so relaxing. Yesterday I was killing myself. I walked 12 miles with my marathon walkers group, came home and cleaned house for a brunch party today. I am dead tired and should be in bed right now. actually, I;m going to get off this 'puter and do that

  2. Damn you made me tired just READING about your Saturday lol...I hope you got some really good rest last night...

    And I have to tell you I got nothing done and feel absolutely great about it...I'm a little busier today but I don't even care because I'm rested now and can actually handle it...




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