Sunday, December 16, 2012

Plan to the plan

Something that I need to do and I just haven't been. I've been doing the NaBloPoMo for December and I made it to the halfway point and almost missed doing today's.  Why?  Because I didn't work my plan.

I did have a plan...I would write the week's posts in advance, write the weekend ones on the weekend, and then start all over again for the next week.  Do you think I did any of that?


That's because I didn't plan to work.  And I didn't plan to follow my plan...that's the biggest mistake I made.  And I really need to get on top of that.

I have plans for my life, my career, my family...and I'm not doing things the way I planned.  I've forgotten some of the plans.  I've taken the wrong fork in the road in the journey of some of my other plans. 

I understand that sometimes plans get changed.  Shit happens.  Folks get sick, money is tight, time is short, energy is shot.  

But next year...oh next year...I have to really pay attention to my plans, follow my plans, redo my plans, execute the steps to finalize my plans. 

Planning is hard work.  It's even harder following them. 

I hope that in 2013 all of my plans come to fruition...well at least be close to being done.  

YCM/YCFs: what plans do you have that you haven't followed through on?  How are you going to change that?  Or if you've followed through on your plans, how did you accomplish that?

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