Friday, December 21, 2012

Family Friday - Cardboard Gingerbread House

Do you see the attack of the killer snow?
I REFUSE to go out in that unless necessary.
Notice the leaning trees from the wind...
Baby, it's snowing outside and it's too cold to do anything out there or to go anywhere after sunset. 

I need to find something for us to do tomorrow to keep MIB from being bored and working my nerves (LOL).  I would like to do something artsy and craftsy but it's very difficult for me to do those things because I'm not artsy and craftsy. 

But I will think about things until I find something perfect from us to do based on inspiration from other posts or Pinterest (by the way I'm here on Pinterest).  And I found the perfect thing: cardboard gingerbread houses. 

MIB loves glitter, glue, crayons, paint, and anything else artistic.  I have tons of boxes from Target laying around and needing a purpose.  And I don't feel like baking anything this weekend...

So I figure we can do this:
  1. Get the boxes and cut them into the shapes and sizes needed for the gingerbread house.
  2. Paint them a darker, gingerbread-y color.
  3. Let them dry and then paint the candy on them for decoration.
  4. Glue and.or tape them together to create the house shape.
  5. Glue some cotton balls around the base and roof for the white icing effect.
  6. Cut out some more shapes; candy canes, circles for peppermint; paint them and glue them to the house. 
  7. I'll also find some mini cotton balls, cut them, paint them, and glitter them up for our gumdrops. 

I hope this works lol.  But I think it's a pretty good idea and it should keep her busy for a while.  I'll post pictures over the weekend when we're finished. 

YCM/YCFs: what are you doing for Family Friday?

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