Saturday, December 22, 2012

Where in the hell was Santa?

Yesterday I went out with MIB and my aunt and other cousins to visit and take pictures of Santa at Walgreen's; but Santa wasn't there and I am still trying to find him.

After we went to the first Walgreen's, we found out that Santa had to leave early because he had some type of emergency. That is understandable because I know that people have lives outside of playing Santa Clause, however I was hoping that he would've stayed there the entire time that he was scheduled so we could've gotten our pictures and gone home.

So instead of taking pictures with Santa Clause I ended up purchasing about $40 worth of stuff at Walgreen's that I kind of needed but could've waited to get (damn impulse shopping).

Today we found out that he was supposed to be at another Walgreen's in town so we coordinated another trip to the second one. By the time we got there, which was well before 4 o'clock, Santa once again was gone.

MIB was upset, my other cousins were upset, and I was very upset because I made another trip to another store to take a picture with people who said they were going to be there and once again they weren't. Considering it's only about two or three days before Christmas, I've pretty much given up on trying to find Santa and having MIB take a picture with him.

MIB is sad about the situation but I told her, after asking me about him seeing her Christmas list, that Santa texted me just a few minutes before to double check on her list so I was pretty sure that she would be receiving most of what she asked for.

Was I wrong for lying to the kid? Yes. But did it put her mind at ease? Yes it did and that's pretty much what Christmas is all about.


  1. I'd be more than annoyed if that happened to me, especially this late in the year. Shame on Walgreens!

    Someday your daughter will appreciate all you went through to make the holiday special for her.

    1. Hey Audrey,
      Sorry it took so long for me to respond...I had to veg out for a while lmao.

      But yes I was super upset!! I went to about five Walgreen's to find that man...couldn't find him at all...but she had a great Christmas and I was happy that she was happy.

      Thanks and I hope you had a great holiday as well! :)




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