Thursday, December 13, 2012

My "I was too tired last night to post" post

Yes, the title says it all.
Usually I try to post the night before so I can get it in by midnight.  But last night I was just too tired, too done, too through.

So I'll give you a highlight of my day instead.

I took off of work because MIB had a couple of doctor appointments.  But before her appointments, I went to look at a couple of houses that I was looking to rent.  It was ok but it was too small for me, MIB, and my mom.

After the house tours, I came back home and took MIB to her physical therapy.  She did really well and her therapist was happy with her progress (increased strength and balance).

After that we went to Children's Hospital to see her surgeon about the hardware she has in her knees right now.  She went into the 2D/3D imaging machine and was a champ...she didn't move or squirm around and got two really great gifts from the nurses (a Polly pocket doll thing and a mini doll house for the doll thing).  Then her doctor looked at her images, was impressed with her results so far and thankfully he didn't think she needed another surgery soon.

We ate lunch after that because it had been HOURS since we had breakfast, went to the store to get some food for dinner, and now we are home...getting ready to take a nap (I know it's late for a nap but whatever I'm tired lol).

After our nap I'll cook something real quick, get her bathed and her clothes ready for tomorrow, and then go back to sleep.

YCM/ was your day today?


  1. Sounds like you had a busy day and a nap was much needed! Rest when you can, as much as you can, you deserve it. You've earned it! :)

    1. Hey MMM...

      I really did need a nap...but I never got it..I did get some rest today though. Still up WAY too late lol...

      How'd your weekend go?




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